Clark the Juggler

Clark Lewis - Variety Performer


A Juggler's Return

 Theatrical Show by Clark Lewis

"A Juggler's Return" is a unique, action packed show that appeals to all ages, and is easy to bring to almost any indoor venue. Lights, sound system, and set are all supplied by Clark, making this a very simple show to book. With a combination of circus, theater, live music, and humor, the audience will be transported to a magical world!  For more info, send Clark a message here:  Contact Page

I had the pleasure of seeing Clark's  performance of “A Juggler’s Return,”  that was showcased at our Northeast Art Center in Standish, Michigan. His theatrical set, props, lighting, music and script all added to the ethereal setting that made this a magical experience for all who were in attendance. Clark’s impeccable acting skills and physical timing, along with his period costume, were uniquely woven into this compelling story.  There are many jugglers offering performances, but I guarantee you won’t find one quite like this. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle into a magical world for a while, then come on out and support this fine entertainer!

Gail Schmidt, Executive Director, Northeast Michigan Arts Council

A family-friendly show filled with daring stunts, comedy, and dynamic music! Following the fictional story of Alister Finn, a circus juggler from long ago who is brought back to this world for one final performance. However, his mind is troubled when he realizes that he must face his most difficult challenge.


Sample Poster PDF:

Show Run Time: One Hour

Tech Needs:

3 hour set up/rehearsal time, and at least 1 reliable power outlet near the stage or performing area.  

Space Requirements:

Auditoriums, gymnasiums, community centers, multipurpose rooms, and almost any large indoor space can be used as the venue.   During daylight hours, rooms with blackout capability or few windows are preferred.   

The following are optimal dimensions for the stage area, but accommodations can be made for smaller spaces.  

  • Ceiling clearance of  at least 15 feet
  • Stage width of at least 25 feet
  • Stage depth of at least 15 feet

Tech Sheet PDF: