Clark The JuggleR

Clark Lewis - Variety Performer



I first learned to juggle when I was 12 years old, using a set of beanbags and a book I got for Christmas.  I immediately knew that juggling would be my passion, and went on to learn as many tricks as I could, proudly performing them for family and friends.  A few years later, my family took me to see performances by the Moscow Circus and other circus shows...  I was greatly inspired and wanted to be circus performer!  I spent as much time as I could practicing and studying performance art.  As a teenager I began trying my skills street performing, and started getting offers to do gigs around my home state of Michigan. To this day, I continually work to develop my act.  I am currently 24 years old, married to my wonderful wife Rachael, and am very grateful to be able to perform full time.  To everyone who has watched my show, booked, tipped, or otherwise encouraged me... a huge thank you!

Circa 2015