Clark The Juggler



Clark Lewis  

What will the audience see in the show? 

Juggling, balancing acts, flow arts, danger, comedy, and big visual stunts!  My show is family friendly, and enjoyable for audiences of all age groups and backgrounds.  There is lots of music in my act, and much of the show is choreographed to specific pieces of music.  Performing is my passion, and I always strive to deliver the best show that I can.

How long is your show?

One of my full shows is approximately 30 minutes long.  If needed, it can be tailored to fit smaller time slots.

Can you do your show without fire?

Yes.  I usually juggle torches only in my outdoor performances, but I can do my show just as well without them if need be. I have liability insurance for all my performances including the use of fire.  

What kind of space/requirements do you need to perform?

If the event is indoors, a high ceiling is best, but not absolutely necessary.  I can perform almost anywhere, on stage, on a lawn, pavement, gymnasium, etc... indoors or out.  I bring my own sound system and wireless mic.  My only technical need is one standard outlet within 200 feet of the performance space.  I also have a good deal of experience as a street performer, so I am quite comfortable drawing my own crowd if need be.

About the Show/FAQ:

What are your rates?

Due to the fact that I work at so many different venues in different situations, my rates vary, making it difficult to list them on my website.  If you're curious about what I would charge for an event, feel free to Contact Me and I'll be glad to give you a quote, no obligation.  I will generally charge a flat rate per event rather than by the hour.