J U G G L I N G   S T U N T   S H O W

The "You Are Worth It" program is a 45 minute presentation which combines an exciting show with a message about overcoming depression, anxiety, and the truth that you have value. Having struggled with severe depression and self hatred as a teenager and young adult, my goal is to share hope, and especially to encourage reaching out for help when needed. The program is geared towards students in middle and high school, but is appropriate for all ages and backgrounds.

Message includes themes of:

  -Overcoming Anxiety & Depression

  -Self Image & Anti-Bullying

  -The Value of Ourselves and Others

  -Suicide Prevention / Seeking Help

The presentation is combined with my usual repertoire of juggling, stunts,  and illusion, set to a dynamic soundtrack.  You can see some excerpts from the message in the video below, and for more information, feel free to visit my Contact page.

 Presentation "You Are Worth It"
Mental Health assembly show For Middle/High School 

 "You Are Worth It" Presentation Promo Video  -  Clark Lewis

  Performance Promo Video  -  Clark Lewis

Clark was super entertaining. He visited our alternative high school and was able to engage our crew of kids that typically wouldn’t be interested in something new. His message about being valued and self-harm resonated with a large number of our scholars. Truthfully though even if it would have been just one scholar his mission was accomplished. Clark was very responsive and easy to work with when setting up a time to visit our school. He is well worth the money and time to have him perform for your students.

-Lindsay N. - Principal, Barclay Hills Education Center, Kalamazoo MI

"This was one of the best assemblies we've had in years. Clark was a great combination of juggling, magic, and physical skills that kept the kids attention the entire hour. In between he masterfully sprinkled in words of encouragement about student self-worth and building resiliency. I would recommend Clark the Juggler to any school looking to convey a positive message to students."

-Craig G. - Principal, Creekside Middle School, Zeeland MI

We really enjoyed the show at Byron Center West Middle School! The combination of fun, wild entertainment and an inspiring message about students valuing their own self-worth really captivated the audience.

-Brenna S. - Counselor, Byron Center West Middle School, Byron Center MI 

Our students really enjoyed Clark's juggling and were moved by his story. Our students needed to hear that they are "Worth it" and Clark delivered that message with flair and pizzazz. I would recommend his program to any school.

-Jean K. - Assistant Principal, Thunder Bay Jr. High School, Alpena MI 

Our school enjoyed “Clark the Juggler”. He was very entertaining and also had a good message to share. He was willing to work with us on scheduling of the performance, and was very professional.

- Victor B. - Principal, Lincoln Middle School, Warren MI 

Basic info sheet PDF:

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Thank you for sharing your story and talent with the students at Hopkins Middle School. Your message that "You Are Worth It" is something that students everywhere need to hear! The greatest compliment I can pass along would be the fact that we had a student who was supposed to leave the building for an appointment during your message. Instead of leaving, this student begged mom to stay and was able to come back and finish the assembly. You were able to positively impact many of our students. Thank you!  

- Scott S.  - Principal, Hopkins Middle School, Hopkins MI